Does your stuff own you – or do you own your stuff?

Every  home I visit has an issue somewhere with stuff and space.“If I could clear this cupboard…”   “I want to be able to read in this room by the window…”   “This used to be a bedroom…”  “I should have moved years ago…”  Voices trail off into wishful thinking. All of them are saying, “If I didn’t have all these things, I could be doing something positive/better/useful.”  In other words, they would be happier.  Which is sad, because inanimate objects don’t care that they are restricting your living space, preventing you from having people over or getting things fixed.

Stuff doesn’t notice that the cupboards are stuffed full and the loft is full of empty obsolete boxes.

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If they didn’t take their stuff with them, they probably never will.

Kids off to uni soon?  Take a step back:  What are they leaving behind?

Are you about to store it nicely for them?  How many times?

What if, and stand well balanced here… what if your kids don’t want what you are holding onto?

What if there is no appreciation for all the sorting and storing you are doing for them.

What if they never come back for it?

What if niggling annoyance breeds on your part and resentment and guilt on theirs?  Relationship tensions for what?


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