A Declutterer’s Secret to successful downsizing – this eco clearance company

It’s the decisions that make downsizing – and decluttering in general – so difficult. When do I start? How do I tackle it? Which things should I keep? And crucially, what do I do with the stuff I’ve decided to get rid of? Most of my job is helping people make decisions about their belongings, so I get it.

You start out with good intentions. This is good stuff I’m getting rid of, you think. I won’t take it to the nearest tip. I’ll do my bit for the environment. Take clothes to the charity shop.

Sell unwanted family heirlooms on eBay. Research which homeless charities take furniture. But life is busy and after a few weeks of driving around with a boot full of donations, posting stuff on eBay and wondering what on earth to do with meters of old kitchen cabinet offcuts, you’re less keen. Then you get a parking ticket when you dash into your local charity shop and… enough. Life’s too short to spend weeks depositing your collections of stuff around town.

But what if there was someone you could call? Someone who would come and take everything you didn’t want. With the promise that they’d recycle 100% of it, however obscure. And recycle as in recycle here in the UK, rather than ‘recycle’ in some far off unknown destination. Sounds too good to be true but amazingly, they do exist. They’re called Just Clear, I’ve worked with them on many a job and they’re pros.

Just Clear operates across the UK and is all about eco-friendly junk removal. Because waste, and getting rid of it, is a massive issue. We throw out around 1,600,000 tons of bulky waste (large items too large to fit into a standard dustbin) according to the RSA – and more than half of this could be reused.

When I work with Just Clear on a job it makes the process much easier. It’s a big comfort to the client if they know their belongings are being disposed of in a thoughtful, ethical way. Rather than just seeing it all slung in a skip and sent to landfill.

Just Clear founder Brendan O’Shea (who started out in commercial banking) agrees. “It’s a hard job for people to get rid of stuff”, he says. “But when people know we’re getting rid of everything ethically it makes the process easier for them. And it’s even easier when we’re working with a declutterer like Sarah. Even though our crews are very professional, it can still leave clients with an emotional scar when we remove their stuff. But Sarah will work with them before, during and after the removal process. We really rely on her to support the client.”

The company has invested solidly and it shows. No corners are cut. O’Shea explains, “Our competitors’ strategy is very short lived. Their target market is more suited to builder’s waste.” Whereas Just Clear has eco-friendly processes and solutions for every single item.

It’s not just big jobs, they’ll do a job for a sofa and a few boxes too. And seeing how they operate, and working with them, I’ve found it’s absolutely worth every (found down the back of the sofa) penny.


If you need help with home productivity and organisation, you can call Sarah on 07792298595 or email sarah@right-size.co.uk

www.just-clear.co.uk or 0203 131 6940

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