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Banish Clutter Forever in 5 Really Challenging Steps

Yup, getting organised is not easy.  If you think my job is a dream, please leave the room.  If you are curious to know how my brain operates on a day to day level with my clients, read on.  And then get your photos in order: Stuff is stuff, whatever.  Memories are memories, forever. Put […]

Trying to cash in on your clutter?

    I was asked to give the UK’s Daily Mail money editor a run through of how to make some money from her unwanted clutter. Read the article and get in touch if you want some top tips too!       Sarah Macnaught is a leading Professional Organiser of Things and Photos and runs […]

How to declutter your kitchen (by getting real!)

Spiralizer. Smoothie maker. Pasta maker. Bread maker. Rice cooker. Slow cooker. Fruit dehydrator. Water filter. Meat smoker. Granny’s rusting egg slicer. Multiple wooden carved salad servers gathered from long forgotten travels. Do you have any of these? How about your grandmother’s soup tureen sitting pretty atop a cupboard or four differently sized gravy boats? Do […]

It’s time to rethink Christmas gifts

Let’s talk about Christmas. Yes, we must. Okay so maybe you dread all the ‘Whose house shall we have it at this year?’ or ‘Do we really need to have turkey shouldn’t we have a change?’ discussions and so on. But you’ve probably started thinking about presents and what you’ll get for who. The more […]

The secret of why you have clutter and how to sort it

Clutter bug. Clutter magnet. Bit of a hoarder. Not great descriptions are they. Maybe that’s how you’ve described yourself. Or someone you know. You may be directly affected by someone else’s clutter habit. Like a partner, a child or even your boss. Mess, clutter, piles of stuff can tire us out, bog us down and […]