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The secret of why you have clutter and how to sort it

Clutter bug. Clutter magnet. Bit of a hoarder. Not great descriptions are they. Maybe that’s how you’ve described yourself. Or someone you know. You may be directly affected by someone else’s clutter habit. Like a partner, a child or even your boss. Mess, clutter, piles of stuff can tire us out, bog us down and […]

The biggest Clutter-Magnet mistake we make

Maybe it starts when one painful back episode too many eventually convinces you to take up yoga. Everyone does it. How hard can it be? You find a class, book yourself in, then… wait. What if you can’t do it. What if you can’t get the moves. Everyone else in that place looks so yoga-cool. […]

How to teach a teenager good decluttering habits

‘I will buy you a whole new range of make-up,’ I told my teenage daughter. ‘But… [of course there was going to be a but] first you need to completely declutter your current make-up supplies.’ We’ll go through all your cosmetics I said, in drawers, make-up bags, in the bathroom and get rid of everything […]

Where to Donate the Tricky Stuff

  It’s not rocket science. You’ve done a clear out and have a pile of things you don’t need. It isn’t worth your while selling them on eBay and no one you know wants them. So it’s a charity shop run. Or so you thought. But it turns out that while lots of charity shops […]

Why every woman needs a home office

It’s a recurring theme. I go to meet a new client for the first time. She walks me through her house. Points out the space she wants me to declutter. Usually her wardrobe. She’s excited I’m here and wants us to get to work. Now. But at this point I pause and ask the killer […]