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Why eBay can be a declutterer’s downfall

That jacket. The one you got in the clearance sale. The colour was never quite right and it was a bit tight on the sleeve but it was a total bargain. Designer jacket for that price! So of course it has spent a long and lonely life in the back of your wardrobe. It did […]

Why being a Jigsaw Whizz gives me an Edge

I love jigsaws. And I’m good at them. But why is she telling us this, you ask – surely this is a blog about professional organisation, not hobbies? I mention it because clients always find that one of the benefits of using my services is that I have an uncanny gift for remembering exactly what […]

How wedded are you to your things?

Marriage. Two people. In love. Making vows to each other. Usually. But I have clients who are so attached to their possessions you’d think they’d made lifelong vows to their BELONGINGS. So it got me thinking. If we did make vows to our stuff, how would it work? To have and to hold…

A Letter to Charity Shops

Dear charity shop volunteer, I know that it can be tough working in a charity shop. That you have to sort through piles and piles of discarded clothes…   That sometimes you can’t get in to open the shop for bin bags stuffed full of rubbish blocking the doorway… That you may be giving up […]