Feeling Guilty Down Under

Some times as a Belongings Coach, just a couple of emails suffice to put my clients on the right track. 

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Is decluttering always about clutter?

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So, I’m a Professional Declutterer, but it’s not what I do on the job.  Regardless of text-book definitions, clutter is a word that can reduce peoples’ belonging to junk.  Most of my clients say I am transforming their lives, one possession at a time.  I insist that all I am here to do is help them make decisions about their belongings.  If this #belongingscoach gives clients a decluttering afterglow them I am all the happier for it.

Overall my clients come to me for help during significant life change: downsizing from the family home, surviving divorce, illness or bereavement, empty nesting or introducing themselves to blended family realities. In all situations, there is many years’ accumulation of belongings. And that suddenly becomes stuff, or ‘clutter’, that needs sorting out.  See above!

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Tidying isn’t Cleaning

A query in the New Year left me flummoxed.  The email asked what my charges were for a “blitz clean” of her home.  Clarification came in “I want it all clean and tidy”.  So as a declutterer, I advised that I could help her with the tidy bit and would signpost her to regular cleaning support but she was confused.  She asked if I was going to leave her in a mess after just doing the tidy bit.  Now I was confused!    Read more

Why Decluttering Sparks Joy

Marie Kondo instructs us to keep only those things which spark joy.  While we all have rooms of stuff to test this out with, let’s focus on the outcome:   the extraordinary joy and sense of peace in being surrounded by those joyful things – and absolutely nothing else.  It is a very empowering place to be. Read more