“It’s clear that you’re not just a declutterer!”

I am very clear to my clients about what I do:  I help people make decisions about their belongings.

But time and again I get the sideways glance, the hands-on-hips admonishments and the belly ache laughter which all come out with “it’s clear that you’re not just a declutterer!”  So perhaps it’s time to share some of the joy and insights about what I really do, according to my clients. 

“Thanks again for getting me started on my decluttering path – you remain my hero.”  This client’s idea of hero is my sense of leadership : I see something that has to be done and I do something about it.  I helped this client moved from a chronically disorganised home in London to a new clutter-free life on the coast.  We worked long hard days side by side and I showed her a pathway through her belongings, literally.

“You’re not just sorting my stuff out, you’re sorting my life out!”  Well yes, but we are working on that one.  My strength here is action.  I am not afraid to start a massive undertaking, even when the final outcome is not known.  This client is going through the first painful steps of divorce in an abusive relationship.  She is challenged with focus, concentration and planning.  Short term objectives to meet vaguer long-term ones are key. Oh, and I am not afraid of bullies.  And I do know the entire legal system for divorce!

“You (have) an almost spooky ability to get into my head and know what needs to be done” Halloween aside, the client noted my empathy and intuition skills – very handy for decluttering!

“You are so grounded and calm – it soothes me”.  Following my decluttering of her large family home earlier this year, this client has decided it is possible, with my support, to now sell and downsize into a more suitable living space for her art and enjoyment.  The creative ideas I generate to facilitate the release of belongings brings a lot of joy to both my clients and recipients.  I genuinely believe and know that Nothing is Impossible.  Another client found this “a weight off (her) mind both physically and mentally.”

“I need you to coach me through this.”  Three years on, an international client has returned and asked specifically for the coaching she needs to make sense of the unrealistic number of possessions she has accumulated and cannot yet let go.

It brings me a lot of joy to reflect on all the good that has been done and the stress that has been eliminated from my clients lives over the past few years and the personal growth that has ensued for all of us. I am grateful for the people that dare to reach out to me despite unspeakable shame and regret and  I am truly blessed with my passion for helping people make decisions about their belongings.

For further information, email sarah@right-size.co.uk or call me on 07792 298 595.  I am here to help.