The Clearance Specialist on why my Downsizing Help is so important

I bring in David Hudson at EasyClear when my jobs get too big and he rings me when he can’t start some of  his moving jobs for ethical reasons due to too much stuff. He’s been doing it so long he understands how people’s minds tick. He comes into your house and works out how to sell, recycle or dispose of your things. He’s honest, has integrity and is always flexible – like when we suddenly discovered a (full) loft on the move day and his team came straight back and got it sorted without any disruption to work flow.


David: “By the time we get there Sarah knows every single thing that needs to be chucked. Working with her is a breath of fresh air for companies like us because she’s done the groundwork. I’d say she does 99% of the organisation, we just have to do the operation. It’s very hard to come across people like her. There are people trying to do what she does but she’s more professional than anyone else. Often you go to do jobs where they’ve hired someone to declutter and help the move but often they don’t have an understanding of what needs to be done.

Contact David Hudson  on 07919 557 700 to have a chat about your needs.  Or if you are in the clearance business, contact me on 077922 98595 to see how I can make life better for everyone involved.