If they didn’t take their stuff with them, they probably never will.

Kids off to uni soon?  Take a step back:  What are they leaving behind?

Are you about to store it nicely for them?  How many times?

What if, and stand well balanced here… what if your kids don’t want what you are holding onto?

What if there is no appreciation for all the sorting and storing you are doing for them.

What if they never come back for it?

What if niggling annoyance breeds on your part and resentment and guilt on theirs?  Relationship tensions for what?


 2016-09-02 12.23.01

Some things never change because they can’t.  They are things.

People change because we can. We are lucky.

I was the wife who organised and shipped two dozen unopened boxes from the parents-in-law loft for an unthoughtful husband across 5 continents and 13 homes over 20 years as part of the greater household moves…  Never opened, always stored in the home.

Eventually after separation, and trying desperately to downsize on my own,  I opened them:  dirty dinner plates & glasses, unwashed jumpers, concert t-shirts, old shoes, ‘nick-nacks’, bottle openers, hundreds of football tickets and programs… Life As A Student in 25 boxes. I could have emulated Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ and built a work of art around them but I probably wasn’t in the mood…  Upon his request they were all thrown out unseen by him.

So for 30 years, his parents and I had stored and carried the burden of a student’s stuff all over the world only for him to never look inside them and never want any of it.

So as your summer-logged children head off to university this month, I say this:  If they don’t take it with them, they probably never will.

I am helping families sort through a lifetime of  belongings every week.  If you would like some help and support too, give me a call on 077922 98595 or email sarah@right-size.co.uk.  I am here to help.