Divorce: Lawyers & Other Options – My Top Picks

If family life and marriage is disintegrating in front of your morning coffee, so will your bank balance if you don’t keep a firm head and a steady heart when choosing the right legal support for your divorce.

I work with many clients going through divorce, so I have also witnessed the effective, the outrageous and the more conciliatory approaches to the legal side of uncoupling.  Here is a look inside my little black book…

Firstly, solicitors fees have skyrocketed to eye watering levels: suddenly £425+VAT per hour is the new norm, £600+VAT is made to look reasonable and “P.O.A.” is legal fees’ new black. Check out The Midult’s The 23 Best Divorce Lawyers in the UK

Scaling down from here it is refreshing to see newer firms such as Allard Bailey break away from the juggernauts, significantly reducing their overheads to offer cost efficient (around £250+VAT), realistic, pragmatic and a very friendly approach to your divorce. Chat with Louise Allard on 07507343411

Lisa Broddle at StoneRoweBrewer LLP is a long term favourite of mine – a very experienced, capable and resolution-orientated approach to any fraught situation. She has a great team to work to suit your budget. 020 8891 6141

Ann Thompson at Goodman Ray is also highly recommended (£280+VAT) and very well regarded by clients and colleagues.

If I had to recommend someone from the P.O.A. range then look no further than the “superb advocate”, Nicki Thompson at Vardags (yes that firm is in the Midult list).

An excellent way to handle your divorce is by using direct access family law Barristers to run your case from start to finish. Being self-employed with few overheads, they pack a huge amount of action into a short amount of time, so you could find them a lot less expensive than a large solicitor’s firm. Speak to Steve McCrone, Senior Clerk at 1 Hare Court on 0207 797 7070.  Top of their game.

On a softer note, everyone should look at Amicable, set up by Kate Daly.  She also co-designed the brilliant Amicable App which provide a wealth of useful ideas and information and planning tools to help keep a lid on anger, anxiety and costs. Highly recommended as useful tool or even full service divorce if an amicable divorce is a viable option.

Finally, if you would like a personal shopper to help navigate all your choices with you and guide you through the divorce process, then David Margo of Divorce Solutions could be your first stop (about at £250/hr +VAT). Chat with David on 07956 807026

If you think I could help you make decisions about your belongings due to downsizing needs, give me a call on 077922 98595 or email sarah@right-size.co.uk