Does your stuff own you – or do you own your stuff?

Every  home I visit has an issue somewhere with stuff and space.“If I could clear this cupboard…”   “I want to be able to read in this room by the window…”   “This used to be a bedroom…”  “I should have moved years ago…”  Voices trail off into wishful thinking. All of them are saying, “If I didn’t have all these things, I could be doing something positive/better/useful.”  In other words, they would be happier.  Which is sad, because inanimate objects don’t care that they are restricting your living space, preventing you from having people over or getting things fixed.

Stuff doesn’t notice that the cupboards are stuffed full and the loft is full of empty obsolete boxes.

Things just sit there, unaware that you haven’t moved to a safer or better home for years due to the overwhelming thought of sorting them out.

Once your excuses for not achieving your visions revolve around your possessions, you are possessed by them, even though they don’t give a toss!

Minimalists and hoarders sit at either end of the Stuff Spectrum and all of us have a comfortable position somewhere along it.

It’s difficult to know where the tipping point is between feeling okay with your things and becoming overwhelmed by them, but it is most often triggered by an external force such as a bereavement, loss, health or financial situations.

However, if your inner voice sounds like the wishful thinking above, then you are probably past the tipping point and might need professional help to get back in control.

As a Professional Organiser, I work with clients every day sorting through their belongings and making decisions about what to keep, gift, sell, donate, duplicate, destroy or discard. And then we get it sorted.

Amanda from North London text me today:  “Sarah you are my hero!  Thank you so much for all your hard work this week, both physical & emotional, you’ve been amazing.  You were just who I needed to give me a push in the right direction!”

If you want to know how I can help you get back in control of your things, then contact me on 07792298595 or