The Gift of Listening Time this Christmas

Cards on the table, I’m a Professional Declutter and so my Christmas wish is that people give each other the gift of an experience rather than another expletive thing.  However, I just got trumped…

Yesterday, distracted and driving, I accepted a (hands-free!) call from a colleague while I busied myself with Christmas preparations.  She just called to ask How Are You.  She isn’t sending cards this year.  She is calling people.  And asking them about how their year was.  Not hers. Mine.

How refreshing is this?  No postal insincerity.  No carefully crafted funny insert letter about fabulous 2017-lives-by-month with undirected signatures.  Just her at the end of the line asking ‘How Are You?  How Was Your Year?

What followed was my download about the incredible year that I had failed to notice. Distractions drifted away, I pulled over and picked up the handset…  Let’s face it:  no one ever usually asks that sort of question with the intention to listen.  Patricia did and she listened. She gave me the gift of her listening time.

What I learnt is that the gift of listening is probably the loveliest Christmas gift possible. I am a Silver Line Friend and, while listening to my Friend every week and gifting them my time, I never truly understood how important it is to be listened to and heard.

So, this Christmas, seek out someone and give them your listening time.

To be heard is to be loved.

If you would like to learn more about Patricia Ezechie and her coaching, go here.

If you can gift your time to be a Silver Line Friend go here.

If you are affected by this article and need to talk to someone immediately, call The Samaritans –  when you are ready, they will listen to you.

My very best wishes to all my readers this Christmas.

Sarah X