Has your home got an unsightly muffin top?

Out of sight is never really out of mind.  You can still feel it.  And it can weigh you down whether you are aware of it or not.  My decluttered clients tell me

“this is the greatest weight off my shoulders”

“I cannot believe how much lighter everything feels”

“that was the fastest way to lose 100lbs in one day”…

Like starting an exercise program, we are very creative in talking ourselves out of it.  Feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment and actual emotional pain are huge hurdles to overcome as a waste watcher.  But the biggest mistake in dealing with an excess of stuff is thinking you have to do it on your own or worse, with a judgemental, very tidy friend/family member.

When compounded with illness, divorce and bereavement, starting to sort through and reduce your belongings becomes even harder.  So things can just stack up against you, literally.  When your home is bulging at the seams, acknowledgement for change has to come from within.  But only if you know there is the right sort of support out there.

Who are you going to call?

“If I knew there was such a thing as a professional declutter, I would have called you years ago!”  Janet found out about me at an 80th birthday party when another client was chirping away about her Declutterer (me!) helping her to downsize into a retirement home.

Janet called me at a time when she was even less able to sort through her possessions than over the past 45 years and was delighted to have my creative and practical support.  Making decisions is one hurdle, but then taking control of the items and rehoming them is usually the stumbling block – and physically quite demanding!  We worked intelligently and diligently to let go of all her excess belongings and move them to a better place –auction houses, charity of her choice, valued friend, relatives, local library and sometimes the recycling centre in her locality.

As a Professional Declutterer, I am the personal trainer for excess belongings, tailoring my skills to your exact needs.  I don’t turn up in kitten heels and I don’t carry a nice handbag – think ‘back pack and running shoes’.  Qualified as an APDO Professional Organiser, a NASMM Senior Move Manager and insured to work with you in a non-judgemental and impartial manner, I declutter homes across London and south east England and sometimes in Australia and bring a lot of positive energy, practical support and solutions to each of my clients.

If you think you can’t deal with the weight of your belongings on your own you are probably right.  Just a phone call to me might help start to take the weight off your mind & home and you can stop being a waste watcher forever.

For a free chat and consultation, call me on 077922 98595 or send me a confidential email.  I can help you get sorted.