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Decluttering & Helping You

Does your house, home office or garden space seem out of control? Do you have cupboards or drawers you dread going into? Maybe once you open them they can’t be easily closed again? Do you wish your paperwork was sorted, easily accessible and neatly filed? Or maybe it’s time to let go of the family home due to ill health, bereavement or divorce… but the thought of going through all that stuff seems overwhelming?

At Rightsize I help people make decisions about their belongings. What to keep, gift, auction, sell, donate, duplicate, destroy and discard. And then I help sort it. All of it.

From a lifetime collection of metallurgy magazines to a priceless lace collection, from a playroom of stuffed toys to a loft of unused boxes and luggage… I have helped auction wine collections and securely destroy decades of bank statements, decluttered wardrobes and racks of coats and shoes, and everything in between.

However daunting the task might look, I can help. I always work with compassion and understanding. I know how difficult it can be to make decisions about belongings, especially if they have a history. So I work WITH you to make those decisions. I help you get it sorted!

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“I really need to move but I just can’t face sorting through all my stuff”

“My parents can’t move as they are overwhelmed by a lifetime of possessions”

“We’ve downsized and there simply isn’t enough room for everything!”

“I’m getting divorced and its costing a fortune in legal fees to sort our possessions”

“I would love to have a regular cleaner but I simply have too much stuff”

“My client desperately needs help to downsize and move their belongings”

“What I loved about Sarah was her facilitation skills in getting me to think methodically and logically through the various decisions I had to make. She was always sensitive to how letting go on some of my things was a very personal choice – but always there as the voice of reason when things really had to go! Sarah brought a wealth of research to each decision I made”

Decluttering: How does it work?

“Sarah works fast and thoroughly. She is considerate and helpful and a pleasure to work with. I know that my discarded items will go to the appropriate destination, be it charity, auction or dump, and that everything discarded will be re moved at the end of each session… I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can breathe again.”

“My partner passed away a few years ago and it’s now time I sorted through their things”

“I feel like I am drowning in ‘stuff’… my house needs decluttering!”

“I feel ashamed by the clutter in my house. I can’t bear to get help as I fear I will be judged”

“I’m getting divorced and I’m overwhelmed with belongings I no longer want”

“I have a treasured collection, what should I do with it? I feel that it’s time to pass it on”

“My home office needs organising. I can’t find what I need and I feel overwhelmed”

Decluttered: Read people’s stories

Professional Organiser | My happy clients

“Thank you again. You cannot imagine what a great help you have been in helping me clear 15-20 years worth of useless clutter. It finally feels like a fresh start and for that, I am grateful.”
Shanthi, Weybridge
“Sarah has devoted much time and thought in helping me declutter my flat. She has also recommended other invaluable home services and given me ideas which have improved the quality of my life a great deal.”
E Edwards, Twickenham
“Sarah works fast and thoroughly. She is considerate and helpful and a pleasure to work with. I know that my discarded items will go to the appropriate destination, be it charity, auction or dump, and that everything discarded will be removed at the end of each session. Anything that goes to auction successfully helps defray her charges – I’m currently in profit.”
D Small, Esher
“Using Sarah was a good decision both personally and for my business. I needed to create an extra bedroom for my children, which meant losing my office. Sarah helped me consider the different options, plan the move in terms of key pieces of furniture and then got stuck into the practicalities of a major declutter. I now have a lovely work space and a very happy home and an excellent all round service.”
K Daly, Richmond
“So my trouble-free summer got turned upside down when Mum suddenly passed away.  I contacted Sarah at Rightsize, why wouldn’t you? She gave advice, had contacts and really helped to get me focused upon the fundamentals. With her invaluable assistance we sorted the house out – identified what actually did matter and now a mere five months later we are about to exchange on Mum’s place, it’s emptied, all the right things went to the right places and most important of all, I know my super efficient mother would have been both pleased and impressed!”
C Cornell, Kingston