Why being a Jigsaw Whizz gives me an Edge

I love jigsaws. And I’m good at them. But why is she telling us this, you ask – surely this is a blog about professional organisation, not hobbies? I mention it because clients always find that one of the benefits of using my services is that I have an uncanny gift for remembering exactly what went where, when, and why.

The amount of decisions and the overwhelming amount of changes my clients need to make can leave them feeling overwhelmed. But not me. Late night texts of “Where is the blue vase?”, “What price did we agree on that designer bag?” and ‘Did I pack the prescriptions?” are exactly what I expect from clients who are transitioning from one life to another.

My clients know they can rely on me having a wealth of experience but also a clear head to know that all the blue objects were packed together in Box 12 for the living room and the short term medical supplies bag is in the outside pocket of their overnight bag which we packed together yesterday morning and left at the end of their bed.

My ability to recall every single detail of clients’ belongings during our time together amazes them. One, Kay Plumtree, told me that I have the most photographic memory she’s known, after I helped her downsize from a massive 5-bedroom coach house to a 2-bedroom retirement home.

All I’m doing is processing and remembering every movement and decision we make, like the choreography of a dance. As we work together I learn the rhythm and timing of my clients. I sense when to linger over certain objects and when to move more quickly. We choose the right time of day when energy levels and concentration are at their best. I listen to stories and then use this information to help curate a lifetime of belongings.

And as with a jigsaw, I search for visual patterns and clues so that I can piece things together for clients who have fallen to bits.

If you need practical help or coaching to get your belongings sorted then email sarah@right-size.co.uk or call me on 07792 298595.