No, you don’t need a skip for that!

This excellent blog “Do I Need a Skip for That? How To Get Rid of Your Unwanted Bulky Items” was posted on Houzz by Amanda Pollard.  On the surface is shows how there is always some way to recycle your belongings- even the broken stuff that ‘nobody could possibly want’.   It lists the Furniture Donation Network and Bulky Waste as excellent ways to get rid of stuff ethically.metal-processing-header

Then if you click to the sites you see a deeper message – these go-to companies are actually ‘Community Dotcom‘ charity portals developed by social entrepreneur Steve Jackson OBE, founder of Recycling Lives – a Queen’s Award-winning commercial recycler and social welfare charity.  Here is a superb way to also recycle people’s lives – even the broken ones that ‘nobody could possibly want’.

To date, my work is helping people make decisions about belongings and getting it sorted.  To me, the key art of getting rid of stuff is knowing where it is going and how much it will be appreciated by the recipient.  What I had overseen is that even that process of recycling – ie the PEOPLE who do it, are also appreciating the opportunity to be given a second life, to be a Recycled Life.

Each of my clients has the right to choose where their possessions will go once their decision to let go is made.  Most have firm ideas based on charities they would like to support and I love facilitating this.  In addition, I often research and get creative about where things could go –  metallurgy magazine collections from 1932, priceless Murano lace, bolts of retro fabrics, bags of unfinished knitting, excess pots and pans, trust fund cheques and records from the 1700s, 42 torches, 612 film canisters, shipping containers of bronze statues, rocking chairs, wildlife artwork… Appreciation is key to the art of gifting but I really had no idea what a difference we can make to the people working in this process.  I look forward to learning more.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about decisions with your belongings, then contact me on 07792298595 or here.  I get it sorted.