Plan B is always a better option for Downsizing


Helping your parents’once-in-a-lifetime downsizing move from their large family home into more suitable accommodation can be daunting.  Successful baby boomers living abroad or out of town are struggling to deal with ageing parents while juggling career and young family needs.  Laments a recent anxious son from Sydney, “I just can’t be there to sort this out and they are moving in 6 weeks time!”

Once you’ve made a plan for your parents’ downsizing needs,  Plan B might be the better option… 

Rightsize is the new Downsize

I am a Professional Organiser and a specialist in downsizing.  As my company Rightsize suggests, however, I like to think of it as rightsizing!  If I can’t personally help your parents downsize here in the UK, then there is a worldwide support service of Professional Organisers and accredited Senior Move Managers to consider.

Here in the UK, we can be found at APDO, in the US at NAPO, Canada at POC and in Australasia at AAPO.

Even better, I am an international Senior Move Manager member of NASMM and they have got the senior move management industry rolling across the world.

For you and yours, it is a once only life event.  As a downsizing specialist, I work with you and your family across the world to ensure it is a very smooth and rewarding experience.

Call me on +44 (0)7792298595 or email  I’m here to help.