The Removals Specialist on why my Downsizing Help was so important

Following on from my anatomy of a downsizing project, here is the removalist firm’s view on why my professional organising and decluttering skills are key to the success of any downsizing project:

Neil Atkinson, D.Durrant Removals: “When I got there Sarah had done the bulk of the work. I didn’t see what it was like before she started the project but from what my boss said about the house, Sarah must have done a huge amount. By moving day she’d done 99% of the decluttering and everything there was what we were taking which is rare.

I’ve done plenty of houses where you walk into a completely stuffed house on moving day and you hear they’re downsizing to a 2-bedroom flat. Then you have to have the tricky conversation.

I don’t know how Sarah got them to declutter but they got it down to the essentials. She was managing the whole operation and it was very organised. She had a picture gallery so everyone knew what they were taking with them.

I could do with more of her on the jobs we do. I recently did a move where there was so much stuff we could hardly get into the house. The lady’s husband had died, she was moving to a small flat and wanted to take six 30-piece dinner services with her. Sarah could have helped there. It’s a huge help having her there but she’s a real rarity.”

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