Support for Families

I work with families to help make decisions about belongings when going through the major upheaval of a downsizing project due to illness, bereavement or divorce, or just simply because it is time to clear out the clutter.

I help you and your family work out what to keep, gift, sell, auction, donate, duplicate, destroy and discard. And then I get it sorted – all of it!

“Sarah combines top notch project management skills, extensive knowledge of relevant services and the ability to build relationships with clients during what is a very challenging period.
The process without her would have shortened my parents’ lives to a considerable extent. It would have been a horrendous.” Charlie H.

“Sarah has great organisation skills. The weekly reports she sent us were key. My parents are elderly and hadn’t moved for 40 years so moving into a place half the size to a tight timetable was a huge challenge. The weekly report helped us focus on what had been done.

Using Sarah meant I could stay in Australia, Sarah could manage it entirely, then I could come over for the last few days in the old house. It saved us all. In fact, we would not have made the move if Sarah hadn’t helped with it.” Will H.

“I cannot believe the switch from nauseatingly overwhelmed to confidently getting rid of years (decades even) of unwanted items.” Tracey W.

“Thank you so much Sarah for all your support, you were of course the catalyst that got me started, not just your physical hard work, but the emotional support too. The house is looking good, it has been a lot of hard work, but worth it.” Amanda H.

To find out how I can support you or your loved ones, email or call me on 07792 298 595

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Sarah Macnaught has conducted over 1500 hours of face-to-face decluttering and home organisation sessions with overwhelmed clients in the past three years alone and is currently preparing for international accreditation exams in the US and Australia to recognise her services to the Professional Organising world.
Sarah is a leading specialist in residential downsizing and is passionate about helping clients make decisions about their belongings that will suit their needs for the longterm and create lasting legacies for future generations.
Sarah continues to be a qualified member of the National Assn of Senior Move Managers in the US, the UK Ambassador for the Institute of Professional Organisers and a member of Assn of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.
Sarah is now one of the very first Personal Photo Organisers in the UK and a Dementia Champion for Alzheimers Society. She lives in South West London with her disabled Collie and three very able teenagers.