Support for Solicitors & IFA’s

Call me on 07792298595 to discuss how I can support your clients and your casework.

For Estate Division:

Inventory preparation for home contents
Market valuations
Estate division planning using FairSplit
Estate sale and consignment services
Property staging for sale
Redirection of utilities and mail

For Senior Living Downsizing:

Sorting and organising of important documents
Inventory preparation
Photography of personal effects
Estate division planning using FairSplit
Layout planning and furniture selection
Decluttering and safe passage of unwanted belongings for gifting, sale, auction, donation or clearance
Personal Photo Organising for memory creation

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Form E clutter

For Seperation and Divorce:

I work with impartiality in clients’ homes to sort and prepare all necessary files and home areas to minimise anxiety and stress for clients and maximise the value of their primary asset – usually the family home – for the fairest and most reasonable outcome for both parties.

Inventory preparation of goods and chattels
Market valuations of non-titled assets
Estate division planning using FairSplit
Arrangement and management of storage, moving contractors
Decluttering and Property staging to maximise property assets
Redirection of utilities and mail
Filing and sorting to aide legal document preparations

“Having Sarah sort out my paperwork also sorted out my head. I was able to give my solicitor everything needed for my divorce as soon as it was asked for.” June S.

“My Form E sat on my desk somewhere for over a year. Sarah’s empathy, knowledge and organising gave me the strength to get it done.” Jessica M.

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“By September last year I had become totally overwhelmed with a long running divorce case, a full time job, my own business and a young son to care for. The house was a mess and I couldn’t see how to re-organise my life…

Sarah helped me, not only declutter my home in preparation for selling it, but to sort through and organise my legal files and take an enormous and heavy weight off my shoulders. Not only has she been helpful and discreet, she has helped me with the emotional decluttering that go hand in hand with difficult divorces. She is a no-bulls&*t, focused, fabulous organiser.” Katie S

“I have always managed my own affairs very well but when Sarah helped me downsize into my retirement home, she helped me find a suitable solicitor and financial advisor and made sure everything was in order. I didn’t have a will or an LPA when she first arrived! I now feel very secure and safe.” Kay P.

“I could not have achieved so much on my own. I was totally stuck psychologically and the clutter was too much to handle alone. Sarah’s enthusiasm and total respect helped me overcome the embarrassment and fears I had about being judged… she really motivated me to keep going with all her encouragement and sense of humour in all the right places. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough for tricky situations.” Tina R.

Goods and chattels inventory & market valuations

I offer a full home inventory service using FairSplit, the online system for divorcing couples and bereaved families to help divide things, not families. This fantastic service simplifies choices about possessions and reducing conflict and uncertainty about ‘who gets what’ no matter where they are in the world.

To find out how I can support your clients, email or call me on 07792 298 595. I am here to help!

Sarah Macnaught has conducted over 1500 hours of face to face decluttering and home organisation sessions with overwhelmed clients in the past three years alone and is currently preparing for international accreditation exams in the US and Australia to recognise her services to the Professional Organising world.
Sarah is a leading specialist in residential downsizing and is passionate about helping clients make decisions about their belongings that will suit their needs for the longterm and create important legacies for future generations.
Sarah continues to be a qualified member of the National Assn of Senior Move Managers in the US, the UK Ambassador for the Institute of Professional Organisers, a member of Assn Professional Declutterers and Organisers, one of the very first Personal Photo Organisers in the UK and a Dementia Champion for Alzheimers Society. She lives in South West London with her disabled Collie and three very able teenagers.