Support for Trades

Support for Removal Companies

Helping clients get ready for moving can alleviate stressful situations when the trucks turn up and there is simply too much stuff to move into the new home. Estimators can see the enormity of some downsizing projects and plan for short term storage, however recommending Rightsize’s decluttering services can make the difference between an awkward and stressful move, and a seamless one.

Neil Atkinson, D. Durrant Removals:

“When I got there, Sarah had done the bulk of the work. I didn’t see what it was like before she started the project but from what my boss said about the house, Sarah must have done a huge amount. By moving day she’d done 99% of the decluttering and everything there was what we were taking which is rare.

I’ve done plenty of houses where you walk into a completely stuffed house on moving day and you hear they’re downsizing to a 2-bedroom flat. Then you have to have the tricky conversation. I don’t know how Sarah got them to declutter but they got it down to the essentials. She was managing the whole operation and it was very organised. She had a picture gallery so everyone knew what they were taking with them. I could do with more of her on the jobs we do. I recently did a move where there was so much stuff we could hardly get into the house. The lady’s husband had died, she was moving to a small flat and wanted to take six 30-piece dinner services with her. Sarah could have helped there. It’s a huge help having her there.”

Working with Clearance Companies

Many decluttering jobs require the support of clearance specialists due the sheer volume of things that need to be rehomed and recycled. I have developed good working relationships with firms where they need me to go in first to help select what to keep and what to let go, or when my clients need urgent support to clear living spaces or redundant workshops and garages prior to a move.

David Hudson, CEO of EasyClear says:

“By the time we get there Sarah knows every single thing that needs to be chucked. Working with her is a breath of fresh air for companies like us because she’s done the groundwork. I’d say she does 99% of the organisation, we just have to do the operation. It’s very hard to come across people like her.

There are people trying to do what she does but she’s more professional than anyone else. Often you go to do jobs where they’ve hired someone to declutter and help the move but often they don’t have an understanding of what needs to be done. The hardest part of downsizing is dealing with clients who don’t want to throw things away. They want to keep 90% of goods while they’re moving into a home a quarter of the size. Sarah sorts that out before we arrive. She’s top of her game.”

Tradesmen – Is their clutter affecting your work?

When clutter prevents boilers being accessed, heaters repaired, windows fixed… it can be a challenging time for both tradespeople and clients. Often there is so much clutter that clients do not get services in for critical repairs due to the shame of their living environments and fear of being judged. Referring clients to accredited professional declutters such as Sarah Macnaught can make real differences to their quality of life.

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Sarah Macnaught has conducted over 1500 hours of face-to-face decluttering and home organisation sessions with overwhelmed clients in the past three years alone and is currently preparing for international accreditation exams in the US and Australia to recognise her services to the Professional Organising world.
Sarah is a leading specialist in residential downsizing and is passionate about helping clients make decisions about their belongings that will suit their needs for the longterm and create important legacies for future generations.
Sarah continues to be a qualified member of the National Assn of Senior Move Managers in the US, the UK Ambassador for the Institute of Professional Organisers and a member of Assn Professional Declutterers and Organisers in the UK. Sarah is also one of the very first Personal Photo Organisers in the UK and a Dementia Champion for Alzheimers Society. She lives in South West London with her disabled Collie and three very domestically challenged teenagers.