To throw or not to throw…

My lovely friend in Bath, Vicki Bunn,  sent me this link, 200 Things to Throw Away.  ‘Paperweight’ made me smile – our kids have never even seen one but they used to be oh so useful.
Scanning through it made me giddy but it just goes to show how much stuff we have lying around, day in and day out that we just don’t need.   And I do this for a living, with passion.

Just knowing what to throw away is not enough.  You need to have the creative resources and energy to decide where all the things are going.  To the tip, these days, is not a sensible option and the horror of landfill is often the reason my clients hang on to things.  Doing decluttering on your own can be a thankless and exhausting process.  That is why it makes good sense to use a professional.

At Rightsize, not only do I help people make decisions about their belongings, but then I get it sorted.  All of it.  From unused wedding crystal to nappy pins, a lifetime collection of metallurgy magazines to vintage vacuum cleaners.  There is a place for everything and everything has its place, however most of those places are not in your home.

If you are looking for some organising tips, watch one of my videos here.  Or call me for a chat about your needs.  I am here to help.