What to do with Your Wedding Dress

You know that bit where the bride vows ‘to have and to hold from this day forward…’? They were talking about the other person. Not the wedding dress.

But it’s amazing how many of us can’t let go of the dress, even when we want to. They sit collecting dust in attics and taking up wardrobe space. Most of us can’t fit into them anymore. Not that you’d wear if if you could. But every time you vow to donate it you remember the fittings. The cost. The day. Getting rid of it can even feel like a bad omen – am I jinxing something?So we bundle it away again. When it comes to decluttering, the dress is one of the hardest things to let go. But what if you knew you could make some cash out of it to spend on something you actually used? Or that it was going to a good cause? It would make it far easier to get rid of wouldn’t it? If you knew you were giving it a new lease of life.


Still White – A matchmaking site for brides and dresses – photograph your dress, create a profile and wait for someone to buy. www.stillwhite.co.uk

Bride2Bride is similar but does shoes, bridesmaid dresses, tiaras too. www.bride2bride.co.uk 

Or for a broader range of wedding wares as well as dresses try www.sellmywedding.co.uk

Brides Dress Revisited (love the name) is great if you’ve a designer dress but no time. Send it and they’ll market it online – and they’ve a shop near Sevenoaks, Kent. www.bridesdressrevisited.com


A great way to feel good about letting it go. One stillborn charity makes beautiful clothes for precious babies. www.cherishedgowns.org.uk

Some charities have wedding dress shops – British Red Cross and Oxfam are always desperate for wedding dresses. www.redcross.org.uk www.oxfam.org.uk

Or ChildCare Malawi sends wedding dresses to brides in who couldn’t otherwise afford them in Malawiwww.childcaremalawi.org.uk


–        Ask around local schools to see if they want to use it for school plays and so on

–        Get a dressmaker to restyle it into a prom/21st/cocktail dress for you daughter or niece. A good (affordable) tailor is Natalija Silber in Richmond, London 07726282929

–        If you can’t bear to part with it make sure you store if well – dust off, wrap in acid-free tissue paper and put into vacuum sealed storage bags (Lakeland has a good range).

If it is more than the wedding things you are thinking of letting go of, call me on +44 7792298595 or email sarah@right-size.co.uk.  I am here to help!