Why Decluttering Sparks Joy

Marie Kondo instructs us to keep only those things which spark joy.  While we all have rooms of stuff to test this out with, let’s focus on the outcome:   the extraordinary joy and sense of peace in being surrounded by those joyful things – and absolutely nothing else.  It is a very empowering place to be.
And it is possible, especially if you have the helping hand of a professional declutterer.

I revisited one of my senior clients late last week.  She made me coffee and we sat down in the lounge to catch up like old friends.  In a way we were.  During my first visit, she had fluttered her hands in front of her face, visualising waves of clutter rising over her head, drowning her and how she had to fight just to keep her head above the clutter-line over the years.

She didn’t know declutterers existed but as soon as she heard about me she was on the phone.  She knew she needed the practical intervention of a declutterer like me to pull her back to terra firma.  I worked there most weeks with her over a nine month period, her first visitor inside her home in decades, and we systematically and gradually reduced the clutter of personal items she felt she was drowning in.

  • We worked when she was well enough to make decisions.
  • We worked at a time of day when she had the most energy.
  • We worked inside when it was too cold.
  • We tackled the garage and garden when spring arrived.
  • We squeaked over mice and giggled over uncovered grime.
  • We set the right pace and we never ran out of steam.

Some of her unwanted possessions – jewellery and paintings – had high value and the auction proceeds left her in credit after my costs.  Most of her items however, were donated to the charity of her choice.  This charity delighted her with handwritten thank you letters.

During the sessions, she talked of the ‘enormous weight lifting off (her) shoulders’.  She felt she ‘could breath again’.  Her ‘house felt lighter’ and indeed it looked lighter.  And now that she is able to have a regular cleaner (yes, it was too cluttered to clean) the things she loves are sparkling and dust free.

As we sat on the couch, we took the time to reflect on the empowering sense of joy and happiness my very practical decluttering work had brought this gorgeous client.

Decluttering really does spark joy.

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