Is your workspace holding you back?

What’s holding your career back? It could be that guilty secret you’ve been hiding since who-knows-when.
The one you’d be mortified for your colleagues to discover. The thing your partner keeps nagging you about. Yes, your workspace at home. The mess. The piles of unsorted paperwork. The time spent searching for things. “Have you seen my…?”

This cluttered way of working at home is just normal for many people. And if you’re one of them you’ll know it can have a very real impact on your work. A negative impact. Because anyone who seriously believes they can produce the same quality and output of work from a chaotic, haphazard workspace as they can from an organised, tidier-than-Monica-in-Friends space, is kidding themselves. Or in denial.

Being organised about your work is vital to your progress. I totally get that working from home whether full-time or sporadically, has its challenges. Afterall, when you’re in an office there’s a collective pressure to stay on the right side of tidy and organised. And your workspace is fully geared to optimizing your productivity.

But at home, where two worlds meet, it’s often another story. The printer isn’t in the most logical place, it’s probably hidden somewhere unhelpful so as not to spoil the look of the room. Your filing cabinet isn’t the most practical one on the market because who wants their home to look like a sterile office space?

It’s surprising that so few HR departments bother to ask their employees about their home-work set up. Most don’t but they should, as with flexible working becoming more and more common it’s an area we’re all going to have to learn to manage better. HR could be having discussions with employees around how do you work at home? Where do you work? What’s your home workspace like? What can we do to make it more productive?

I see so many clients with unopened, unactioned, digital and physical mail sitting in unsorted piles, buried under books. How much unfiled paperwork? How many years of mess? Where’s your Will? Your P60? Share certificates? Research for that report? And where are all those invoices you need to submit your tax return?

Assessing the mess, sorting it and putting into place systems to stop it getting that way again throughout the home is what my executive clients pay me to do. I have never had a client say that my fees have been more than their ROI on the money they’ve found and recouped. After my work, they find long standing disputes are resolved, systems simplified, problems shared and most importantly, professional development and career enhancement achieved.

In simple terms, here’s how my organising process works:

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