Banish Clutter Forever in 5 Really Challenging Steps

Yup, getting organised is not easy.  If you think my job is a dream, please leave the room.  If you are curious to know how my brain operates on a day to day level with my clients, read on.  And then get your photos in order: Stuff is stuff, whatever.  Memories are memories, forever.

  1. Put ‘like with like’. Start your journey to staying organised by putting every pen you find in your home with all the other pens. Then notebooks with notebooks.  Ditto batteries, dinner sets, unopened mail, photos, staplers, light bulbs, batteries, travel plugs, foreign money, unused plastic boxes, winter boots, summer hats, gym equipment – you get the idea.  And gosh, haven’t you got a lot of each item!
  2. Plan your home like a department store.  Choose a specific area in the loft, kitchen, utility room for each type of item you own: Xmas dept, toy dept, gym dept, travel dept, tool dept, gift dept, cleaning dept. Then every item in your home can be placed in its correct department.  NB – there is no Miscellaneous Department so don’t create one
  3. Stop repurchasing what you already have.  When you have followed points 1 and 2 above, then that is easy to do.  If you know where it is and how many you have, you don’t have to buy it again. Controlling your repurchasing of existing items saves money, space and stress.
  4. There is no place on Earth called ‘away’ – you can’t put it ‘away’ nor throw/chuck/toss it ‘away’.  Every thing has to have its place.  Or be repurposed, rehomed, reused or recycled responsibly.   Recently I forgot to buy clingfilm – forever. Hmm, nothing happened apart from washing an extra couple of plates and beeswax liners.
  5. Prioritise your photos. Stuff is stuff, whatever.  Memories are memories, forever.  Repeat.  Then seek help with your photo organising if you have let the dusty boxes, stuffed drawers and digital libraries swell and spill out of control.  Ensure that you can share and preserve them for generations to come.  As any survivor of a house fire, flood or disaster would tell you, it is only the photos that really matter.

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